X Tech is a complete provider for all a company’s IT management needs. We help businesses with everything they could possibly need for reliable IT management. Our services include: general technical support and HelpDesk for IT systems, general IT management, server management, networking and telecom management, and more. See below for more information on each of our services.

General Technical Support and HelpDesk for IT Systems

Many businesses will run into problems that they’re not able to solve with their IT systems. X Tech is capable of general technical support for a wide variety of IT system problems. Our deep knowledge base allows us to quickly assess and resolve any problems that you’re facing with your IT systems.

General IT Management

X Tech is a valuable partner for any business that is looking for IT management services. We quickly learn each client’s specific goals for their business and what technology they need to succeed. Our team understands how to maximize productivity while minimizing IT management costs for our clients.

We have a proven process where we begin by securing your business’ servers and networks. Our first priority is to ensure that your data is safe and secure from hackers and intruders.

Server Management

Many businesses own their own servers to handle data sharing, file hosting, data storage, and more. Having a reliable server with constant uptime is critical for maximizing efficiency. X Tech is able to help in all aspects of server management. We can install server hardware and software, diagnose problems with server performance, and ensure that each business is getting the most optimal performance possible from their server or servers.

Network and Telecom Management

From finding the right phone system for your business, to installing, troubleshooting and fixing your telecom issue, X Tech is your Telecom partner. We specialize in AVAYA’s industry leading phone systems, and have over ten years experience with small/medium sized systems, up to large enterprise PBX management. With telecom technologies changing so rapidly, having a strong partner managing your phone system can help your company’s communications thrive.