Here’s what our customers have to say about X Tech

“When our office’s main hard drive failed, we looked to a number of different IT Providers for help in recovering our data. They did what they could to rescue our files, but the crucial data seemed to be lost for good! We thought we would have to pay thousands of dollars and wait several more precious days to recover the files. On a customer’s recommendation, we turned to X Tech, and they were able to recover our precious data in less than 48 hours and for a very reasonable price! We are eternally grateful for the hard work he put in to save our files and keep our business running smoothly. X Tech provided fantastic customer service and did their best to keep us posted as the work progressed. We will gladly recommend X Tech to anyone with IT needs.”

Action Transmission

Provo, Utah

“Simply put, the tech support we’ve received from X Tech has helped us see more patients. My staff and I can focus on their needs instead of hassling with IT problems. We feel comfortable calling their techs to take care of any computer problems and they have become a valuable partner to our practice. Other IT Providers we’ve used do not come close to the level of service and value that X Tech provides. I encourage my fellow providers in Utah Valley to give them a try – you will be happy you did.”

Dr. Garron Miller

Payson, Utah

“X Tech is fast, reliable and trustworthy. I would recommend them to any medical practice looking to manage their IT systems. They will give you the best bang for your buck!”

Dr. Brian McCune

Saratoga Springs, Utah

“Thank you X Tech! Your team is friendly, helpful and easy to work with. As a doctor, I need things to run smoothly so I can help my patients, and with you that’s exactly what I get!”

Dr. Mitch Adams

Provo, Utah

“I have been extremely impressed with X Tech. In a specialized medical industry, they quickly learned our systems and issues in our business and started helping right away. Their rapid responsiveness and technical skills allow them to manage our network efficiently, and we are now able to build our practice, rather than hassle with IT problems. We are very pleased with their service!”

Dr. Scott Mumford

American Fork, Utah

“I am very pleased with X Tech and their tech support. Their technicians are very professional and friendly. They have often gone beyond the call of duty to help when technical problems have been over my head. They are a valued partner and I would recommend them to anyone.”

Dr. Ernie Bailey

Orem, Utah

“X Tech has become a valuable partner because they not only maintain our network, but have become experts with our EMR Systems. We have come to rely on their network and EMR expertise. With servers and data being so critical to our business, I am fortunate to have a trusted partner like X Tech to manage it for us – for less than having the equivalent in internal staff. We have used other IT Providers in Utah County, and X Tech has given us unmatched service and value.”

Kevin Moffitt

Practice Administrator, Utah Valley Pediatrics

“I am a pediatrician in a busy pediatric clinic and we have used X Tech for several years for all of our computer systems and our Electronic medical records system. We have been so pleased with the wonderful service that X Tech gives to our office. Any time we have problems they come right out to deal with it and my staff and I really appreciate how customer service oriented they are. They have helped me with everything from my cell phone to my lap top. An example of how great they are to work with is last year I needed a new laptop to carry with me in each room to do my charting. They made numerous recommendations and I decided to go with a new tablet. They set it all up got me trained on it and after a month they came by again to see how it was working and after talking with me they realized it was not really meeting my needs and they took it and sold it for me and got me a different computer that better met the needs for how I practice and do my charts. They are always offering great help and support and I appreciate all the little things that they do to help keep our office up and running. I highly recommend them for any group looking for a knowledgable and customer service oriented IT Provider.”

Dr. Ryan Wilcox MD

American Fork, Utah

“X Tech has been a great IT company to work with. They respond to IT issues in a timely manner, are always respectful and kind to our Physicians no matter what they need. Their technicians have been available to our Physicians and staff whenever needed. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Elizabeth Thomas

Office Manager, Provo, Utah

“Our company has been working with X Tech for over six years. As a pediatric practice that has been on the cutting edge of electronic charting and quality standards, we have had substantial computer needs. Matt and his crew have been great to work with. They have always been responsive to our needs. They are respectful and courteous to our patients and staff. In particular, they do what it takes to make things run well for us. We consider X Tech part of our team.”

Dr. Matthew Cornish

Orem, Utah